Our Mission

Bridging the gap between underserved communities and technology


We are committed to utilizing technology and our connections within the community to provide unique solutions to problems that they face.

Community Collaboration

Engaging communities on projects developed by the community for the community.

Hypatia Talks

In our podcast, we bring on several guests from the community to discuss current issues and ways that we can approach them.

How We Work

Tech + Community

Oxus Machine Works Ltd. (OMW) is a health technology firm specializing in innovations that respond to the needs of diverse populations. We aim to advance equity in communities through the development of technological innovations targeting gaps in health care, social services, and the economy.

We work alongside charitable and non-profit organizations with an innate understanding of the communities they serve and whose initiatives focus on addressing the systemic gaps that exist for communities in accessing equitable solutions to complex health challenges. These agencies focus their efforts on supporting various vulnerable and marginalized individuals across the country.

At OMW, we work to to bridge the gap between the needs of underserved communities and technology, through the development and delivery of innovative inclusive solutions for everyone.

Located at the Health and Technology District in Surrey, BC, OMW is a health technology firm listed under the Business Corporations Act of British Columbia.

Our Partners

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